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COVID PCR Testing with Five Towns Allergy

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COVID 19 In-Home Tests in Riverdale, NY

At this time, in-home PCR testing is available in Riverdale, NY (Zip codes 10463 and 10471​).  Results are typically available within 24-36 hours from the time of testing and made available to you electronically via the Five Towns Allergy Patient Portal. You can also access your results by calling Accureference Lab directly at (908) 474-1004.  


All testing must be physician authorized via a telemedicine appointment that can be scheduled through our HIPAA compliant electronic health record provided here.  You will be asked to submit your demographic and insurance information through the same link. Most major insurances are accepted; un-insured will be covered through CARES act. 


A lab technician will contact you to arrange a home visit within 24 hours to perform the COVID PCR testing with a nasal swab. 

If you have any questions about the COVID 19 test, please contact us at

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