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Eczema Flare

Is your eczema or your child's eczema flaring? You are not alone. This is a time of year which makes everyone more itchy- no, it's not your nerves about preparing for thanksgiving, (although stress can also be a potential trigger), but rather due to various environmental triggers. Possibilities include the colder, dryer climate, or now that the heaters are on, the indoor dryness may be predisposing to the exacerbation. Regardless, schedule an appointment to get help. We will discuss different moisturizers, topical steroids and non-steroid options, and different application techniques such as wet-wraps. Certainly, we will also discuss allergy testing to see the role of common environmental and food allergens that may be at play as well. See us soon to clear up your skin and to alleviate some of that itching!

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